I took a couple days off to box and ship almost three dozen orders.  Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your mug.  Yesterday and today I have been throwing mug forms for my final kiln before Christmas.  Alas, yesterday I had one of the worst throwing days ever--I must have wrecked a half dozen mugs. I couldn't center; I couldn't judge size.  Most of yesterday's forms are for smaller mugs therefore--a flock of chickadees.  But I need Dragons and Loons and Luna Moths which are the bigger, rounder forms.  WIth trepidation I wedged up the porcelain and... as you can see--a miraculous throwing day--uniform in weight and size, easily centered, easily shaped.  Putting handles on this afternoon.  Carving tomorrow and Friday.  Kiln...maybe Sunday? Glaze on Monday?