I just put the kiln up and I'll be glazing tomorrow.  Lots (well for my small kiln) of dragons, loons and chickadees with a few cardinals, turtles and of course another octopus.  I'll be trying out my new glaze.  I think I will try it first on a chickadee and maybe one of the turtles.  I'll be using the deeper blue for dragons and then the rest will be a mix.  The carving went pretty well this time--  I am thinking because I ordered a number of new carving tools.   They are hard to sharpen with such small blades and they do get dull with heavy use.  In the winter with the woodstove going all the time, the pots dry out faster and sometimes I am carving nearly bone dry mugs as a result.  This creates a lot of dust, but It's also much harder both on my concentration and on the tools