I finally have the kiln loaded and firing. It's been about a month.  The photo is of the brace I have been wearing on my arm.  I made enough work to fire 3 kilns from Thanksgiving to the 17th of December .  And as a consequence I developed a painful case of tendonitis.  Though it's refered to as "golfer's elbow" , I think we can also agree to call it "potter's elbow".   The brace is helpful when throwing, when splitting wood, when  riding  my bike on the trainer. I've been doing a lot of stretching and some lifting to strengthen my forearm muscles, and it has improved.  But the 3 week layoff may also have promoted some healing.. Still a little sore--I've had to split armloads of wood.  It was 23 below last night.  

Anyway., the bisque is firing now.  Maybe it will keep the house warm tonight since we are supposed to be around -20 again.  If the electricity is still on :-) I will fire the glaze tomorrow night.  I should have one or two of most designs by Tuesday.