I just sent up the bisque.  A very full kiln, maybe the most mugs ever.  I have tried to restock all the sold out designs and fill outstanding orders. That means of course that I won't have many of most designs and so colors may be limited.  If you are looking for mugs for the holidays, you might consider contacting me now. Normally by this time in the summer I am stocking up for craft fairs in the fall and often have 100-150 mugs on  hand. This year I have been selling out mugs as fast as I can make them.  I am already close to the total number from last year and it is the end of August.

But clay is not my only craft.....

Last winter the ice and snow from the roof broke the deck railing.  Once I started repairing it, the rot became pretty obvious.  I was actully able to push over all of the posts with one hand without extracting any nails.. So I rebuilt the entire railing, posts included since the last kiln.  Now I have clean and restain the deck. Looks pretty good

I'll have the glaze up tomorrow with the unloading on Thursday