Lots of bigger mugs in this one so  we'll see how it goes.  It's been a crazy week--my car needed a new clutch!!!, my dad broke his hip and had surgery,  (HIs dementia is so advanced that today he doesn't remember he broke his hip and is frustrated his leg is not working right) and it may snow.  But the kiln is firng.  I'll glaze tomorrow and hope for an unloading on Tuesday evening after my classes or Wednesday morning  if I am too tired. 

I do have a couple new designs

. First, A jellyfish.  Someone asked if I had one. Seemed like an interesting idea.  I don;t know how I will glaze it.  It seems to need a bright turquois  which is not a color I have. 

And then--

The Black Bear.  The nose is right.  I have to think about the eyes and the body shape more. Fur is not my strength.. I am pretty sure this one with be darker green