I need to refire a couple but otherwise all went well. The throwing was tremendous. I opened a new box of clay and it was absolutely the perfect consistency. The mugs are a little bigger and a little lighter (kind of unintentional--it just felt right). In a couple cases so thin the glaze didn't adhere and so I need to refire.  But most are beautiful. I am really liking the 2 turquoise glazes (turquoise and mediterranean --which I am calling ocean so it fits on the line) The are very similar rich blues.

These are blue celadon, turquoise (ocean) and teal. The turquoise is so bright it makes the lovely subtle celadon look washed out and the teal look greenish.  But really all my teal mugs came out with rich layered colors. The turquoise is really uniform.  The colors and the clay are making me happy. 

I have another raccoon  and a bear (I love the bear) but no new designs this time. I am thinking maybe an alligator? and maybe a sperm whale  (moby dick) to go with the humpback? I need to make more leaves for the autumn.

My hand is still a bit swollen but a lot better. It hurts when I throw but no longer when I am carving. And it doesn't hurt when I am on my bike or when I am paddling (though it is pretty sore after)