So, I got the glaze up at about 9:30 AM which means if all goes well it should be cool enough to unload around 7AM tomorrow.  About half !!! is already spoken for, but I will have a couple dragons, 2 frogs, a turtle, a couple chickadees, 2 luna moths , somes birches, a couple owls,  a monarch, a hummingbird and....

If you want someting is the next kiln which will go up around the 17th, you need to let me know by this weekend.   I am planning loons, cardinals, chickadees, dragons in any case.  

I do have a listing for seconds--most have minor flaws--glaze irregularities , uneven drying arounf the handle.  Email me and I will tell you about the mug you choose

Check out my new greenware frog