So I am working on the last mugs for the Kiln.  Hopefully everything will be dry by Sunday morning.  i have tried to make a couple of almost every design so the frogs, monarchs, dragonflies woodpeckers, owls, sheep will reappear.  

Here is a picture of my new peony, framed by mugs.  Just a head up--I have a couple summer students--one of whom is researching John Milton's poilitcal writings !! and  I need to get through the next 2 chapters on my book on fantasy writer Sheri S. Tepper (Sheri S.tepper; Warnings for a Terminal Biome) so the next kiln will probably be in mid July. Hopefully I can get a fair bit of my academic work done in the next month before I start making more mugs.  That said, I am always looking for new ideas so if there is a creature that interests you, just ask and I will see what I can come up with.