I am about half way through the mugs for the next kiln which I am hoping to send up next weekend.  Here is a picture of a new design--the roseate spoonbill.  This is a request.  I've only been to Florida twice, so I spent a lot of time gazing at wildlife photos of these striking birds.  The inside of the mugs will be pink celadon, a color close to the main body color of the birds.  Their wings have vivid magenta patches but I think such a hue might be difficut to obtain and also may be garish in the mug.  I've left them mostly as silhouettes for the balance of black and white.  I might try one more--maybe a slightly bigger bird if I have room in the kiln.  A good day to be carving warm weather shore birds.  We had a hard frost here last night and should have another frost tonight.  I have the woodstove going despite the date.

My son is improving slowily on antibiotics.  He has regained the use of his leg and his short term memory is improving.  He is still very tired though he can lie in bed reading for a short time now. this means I've had a little more time in the studio.