This is the Luna moth with the light blue celadon.  I have been measuring the volume of mugs in the last kiln.  The porcelain shrinks 15% and with the new scale I am  struggling a bit to  refigure size with the more acurrate weights.  And then I knocked it off the counter.  This is the first and only blue moth.  I actually thought it quite pretty. One good thing though--you can see how evenly it has been thrown (even with the broken edges).  Every so often potters will cut through the middle of a wet form to check their throwing for evenness or for thickness.  Recently I have been so behind, I haven't been willing to "waste" any forms.  I already have days when I wreck them unintentionally.   But the broken moth split in half pretty evenly so it is possible to gauge.  This is/was, alas, a really nicely thrown mug.  Thin but regular walls even toward the lip with a slight thickening on the curve just before the foot.  The curve is soft .  The glaze is also very even with a nice darker blue pooling in the bottom. Oh Well.  I guess I'll be making another for the next kiln. 

Frogs, hummingbirds and woodpeckers will join the blue moth in the next kiln.  I have been asked for a nubian goat, so I'll have a prototype carved at some point.  If you  have an idea for a design, let me know. Hopefully I won't break any more