I have finally begun throwing for the next kiln.  I had to take couple weeks off  because I fell on my right hand and injured it just above the area in my wrist I broke 20 years ago. It was a bad break, but because it happened before routine surgeries, they set it the best they could. It still bothers me.  You can see the lasting impact in my handles.  They are always just slightly torqued to the right because when I pull them I can't quite flex my wrist inward enough.  I also broke the other arm 7 years ago hiking in the white mountains . I splinted it with sticks and duct tape and hiked out, then drove myself to the hospital (Wilderness First Aid, just sayin...).  It required a 4 hour surgury and a plate and 9 screws, but now that arm/hand is completely normal. My hand stayed sore and swollen for more than a week and is still a little stiff.  There is some pain in the centering. I am hoping to have the kiln up around the 7th.  I have a lot of the forms thrown, and I will be carving over the weekend.  Frogs, Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds, dragonflies and a prototype goat.  Probably some loons and dragons as well .  If there is something you want or a color you are looking for, let me know.