I unloaded the kiln this morning.  I have a few of most designs, but I was sold out of everything so I still am quite low on inventory.  2 mugs need refiring. I am still struggling with the deflocculated glazes a bit.  I do have a couple new designs on the site

Here is the Whale's Tail . I made one a few weeks ago for a special order, but I like it so made another to put in the shop.  This one has a teal interior

And my Walleye

The fish wraps around, just like the salmon. I have to work on carving fish faces, but I like the body and the scales

Also I took the photos in the snow on my back deck instead of inside in front of the shaded paper.  Maybe I change more of my photos?  I do get comments often that the mugs are much nicer that the pictures.