Working towards the next kiln...about half way.  It's zero here today --full winter--so everything is drying super fast (unlike a few weeks ago when the constant rain had me waiting for days to finish a kiln).  I am hoping for  Thursday or Friday of this week.  

Here is another fish as promised.  A Walleye.  Like the salmon it wraps around the mug (kind of for a right handed person).  I think I 'll make a trout next but I don't have room in this kiln.  Just like my bird series,I can make a fish series.  I carved another whale's tail as well.  My son says that the carving style suits underwater creatures.  Actually I think I just need to figure out fur.  Scales and feathers (I started doing flying creatures first) work well with sgraffito,or maybe I can just hide my inability to draw by emphasizing scales and feathers?

In any case the walleye will probably be green celadon

I have sold out of almost everything at the moment.  But I will have mugs in plenty of time for shipping for the holidays this weekend. The mail seems to be ok this year.  If you want something let me know now while I am still throwing and carving--especially if you want more than one.