A fantastic firing.  I didn't have a great throwing week but everything still looks pretty great. No glaze issues at all.  So I have several of most designs again..  And I made a couple more yellow chickadees.  They are so sunny and happy.  No new designs this time.  I am too busy with the end of the semester and trip preparation to think about anything else.  Maybe in the summer once we are back I can catch up a little. I have been enjoying making the fish.

Please remember my shop will go on Vacation  on May 17th.  We will be gone until June 5 unless we are forced to quarantine in the UK because of Covid. The latest I should be back is June 14.

This is where we are staying

We have tickets to Henry Vi parts 2&3, Henry VIII, Much Ado about Nothing, Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet

Let's hope for good weather and no Covid