Wonderful trip to the UK.  Great students and extraordinary performances.  I wish I could go back.  Richard III and King Lear beckon.  But, alas I am prepping my seminar for the fall and making mugs.  This is the newest one.  I have wanted a fox for a while but I'm a bit stymied by fur. Last week while I was drinking coffee on the steps a grey fox came and sat beside me.  We watched the snowshoe hares cavorting--though I suspect with different intentions. I am, afterall, a vegetarian.

Here all all 3 of the new designs the fox in the center wraps around and is stalking a bunny  (near the handle). Then the rat.  I am thinkng neither Beatrix Potter nor Willard, more Rats of Nymh.

I got another shipment of clay last week  The price has gone up again to $55 (five years ago it was $25).  I showed the supply shop my mugs.  They have been in the business for over 50 years and said I should be charging $50-60/mug.  Well, I'm not doing that just yet.  Still, quite the comppliment.

The kiln should go up this weekend with an unloading maybe Tuesday