Not as many mugs because I had to fit an experimental bowl.  Foxes and Rats came out very nicely.  In fact I think the fox is one of my best designs.  I made one in blue and one in the rusty celadon I mix for the red tail hawk..  That rats are blue.. And also good but harder to love.  I do have dragons and ravens and loons and hawks again.  The bowl has possibilities. It has a raven in the botton and a checked design around the rim.  The blue slip worked well.  The green --which is supposed to be kind of like the green celadon--came out a muddy olive.  I need to make the base wider and the sides shorter and I need to throw on center of course. I have ordered some underglazes and some red mason stain and we will see if the colors will work better. I will try a woodpecker for the next bowl and maybe another raven