The kiln is fixed.  I replaced the thermocouple and the firing went fine.  I am struggling a bit with drying times and the pressures of the semester--I forgot to put the spots on on one side of a loon!.  Glazes came out well though. 

At a craft fair in December anther artist from the area asked me for a llama.   With my schedule and the kiln I have struggled to get to it. But finally:

I am pretty happy with this side.

This side was the first I carved and it looks sleepy but it has more depth.  Anyway I lost the phone number of the person who asked me.  So if you are reading this please contact me whether you want the llama or not so I can apologize properly.

And finally I have accumulated a bunch of seconds--mostly because of minor glaze issues and a few warping issues. I have set up a second sale to clear a bit of shelf space.