I finally unloaded th kiln last night. I am several weeks behind with orders (sorry).  It has been a hard semester.  I have four different preps--one a grad level course, one a course I haven't taught in 20 years and one a writing intensive class (the fourth is s dream honors group).  I am barely getting the prep done day to day. And then my headlights died ;last week my refrigerator died  and yesterday the thermocouple died.  For those not aware--the thermocouple is the temperature sensor the relays the interior kiln temp back to the computer .  It's pretty vital in an electric kiln.  Luckily the failure came on the cooling cycle at under 300 F --which means the kiln was essentially ready to unload anyway.  This thermocouple lasted for 6 years and over 200 firings. Hard to complain.  I am ordering a new one and have already checked out the video on replacing it.  The multiple admonitions to not over tighten are a little worrying, but we'll see. Let's hope the kiln is back in action in a week or so.  

The firing went ok.  I had a broken handle in the bisque.  And I think the kiln overfired slightly in the glaze.  I have one mug that needs refiring. The rest are pretty good.  The new shipment of clay I have just begun to use is very wet (the last shipment was very dry and stiff).  I am having to adjust my throwing some which makes for a little less consistency. Today I am starting to throw again for the next kiln .  I have a couple prototype designs I have to figure out and I'll try to have  more stock of the favorites. Let's hope the kiln comes back to life and I can fire in a couple weeks.

I do have a number of seconds I will probably put up in the shop over the next couple days--need to clear some shelf space.