The kiln is out. This one has a few orders so I am still low on some designs.  This has been a difficult 6 weeks. The most obvious problem for pottery is that I fell and broke a finger on my right hand (yes, of course I am right handed). It's splinted and should be better in a few weeks. The more difficult issue has been the death of my father. He collapsed on April 30 and was hospitalized.  He was about to be moved to rehab when he contracted Covid from one of the staff. Although he was asymptomatic over the next couple weeks he deteriorated profoundly and he was eventually released into home hospice care where he died 2 weeks later..  So I have been struggling some. Grief  rather deadens motivation.

 I did try out some new glazes this kiln.  I have a forest green (which I got because the bottle green was sold out).  It's very, very dark, but it came out extremely uniform and is in fact forest green--think conifers. The bottle green (which I usually label moss green --is very translucent.  The Forest green is not. Then I tried 3 different kinds of turquoise.  Happily all 3 came out great and all 3 are completely different in color and texture.  The Amaco is a bit matte where it has pooled thickly at the bottom.  The Mayco is very translucent--kind of celadon-like and the Coyote is a thick uniform, slightly teal glaze.

This is the coyote.  I really like it and it goes well with the design. I will add the others once they cool a bit more.

Here is the Mayco. Ypu can see that it is lighter and there is some breaking over the throwing lines on the interior.

Here is the Amaco

It is tonally similar to the Mayco, but thicker and much more matte though thi is less obvious in the photo.

Here is the dark green

The uniformity is pretty apparent.  I think my work seems better with more translucent glazes but I find the color consistency qite amazing